Erase the Hate Contest Winners 2008-9

Winners announced at the Youth Family Event, Sunday, April 26, 2009, 3-5 PM

Notre Dame Academy Auditorium

Poster Honorable Mention

Yasmeen Awada , Mohamed Elhindi , Muna Farhan, Hassan Hafeez, Zeina Condon, Morgan Korecki., Maria Cernak, Zachary Condon, Jake Crane, Brittany Kudja, Jacqueline Burns, Matt Empie, Jewell Miller, Stacey Aberl, Katharine Szymanski, Michelle Chanady, Brendon Crosby, Ellen Guisfredi, Emily Stearns, Virginia Dionisio, Marielle Dusa, Emily Poor, Kaitlyn Ritts, Shawn Wynn, Jason Zwayer


Poster Finalists

Elementary School Division

First Place: Reagan Shull

Second Place: Sena Yacteen &

Mohammad Butt

Third Place: Melanie Crane

Middle School Division

First Place: Maurice Harris

Second Place: Mendon Thomas

Third Place: Becky Fournier


High School Division

First Place: Mary Claus

Second Place: Cody Achter

Third Place: Kathryn Torti



Middle School Division


Deena Zucker Balance, Jessie Griffith The Snow, Sukanya Dayal Them, Emma Baker Mean Girl, Maddie Kaser Bullies

First Place: Jessie Griffith The Snow

Second Place: Emma Baker Mean Girl

Third Place: Sukanya Dayal Them

High School Division


Samanatha Smolenski Find Yourself, Brittany Malkemus With Liberty and Justice for all, Lindsay Leasor Our Day, Daniel Lopez Almost There, Sarina Mathis The Looking Glass of our Future, Diamond Stewart You and Me

First Place: Lindsay Leasor Our Day

First Place: Daniel Lopez Almost There

Second Place: Sarina Mathis The Looking Glass of Our Future

Third Place: Diamond Stewart You and Me


Video Finalists

Middle School Division:

First Place: Giving Chances

Ellen Dziubek, Kelly McKinnon, Lauren Siebenaler, Maghan Thebes, Sara Rominski, Teri Irelan, Jasmine Mosley



Second Place: Friendship Revealed

Carlee Ankoviak, Allison Buerk, Megan Kennelly, Bryn Langenderfer, Hannah Osswald



Third Place: We Can Make a Difference

John Francis, Joe Solomon, Jake Riley, Max Lyon, Jan Hoffman, Duane Malinowski, Alec Grieselding, Hallie Toland, Hannah Saba




High School Division

First Place: Imagine

Lauren VanHeyst, Rachel Intrater, Alex Martinez, Liana Martinez, Maggie Reilly, Marny Hull




The Snow

Its purity is amazing

Like one thousand dancing fairies

Like one million little sparkles

Each and every one an individual

Each and every one a hope

A spark

A piece of faith


The snow comes from the heavens

So do people

All people


The snow is on the ground now

All of them united




So me

That little girl

Who sits by the window and wonders...


What if the world was like my backyard?

Every single snowflake

United as one.


-Jessie Griffith


Mean Girl

The girl you've known forever,

your friend of your early memories

play dates, sleepovers and birthday parties

is no more.

She's still there physically,

but she's become one of their numbers,

a mean girl.

And to her you've become an ant on the golden brick road,

a small insignificant speck on the road to "popular"

What is popular? A roller coaster where you're strapped in and have to coast along your friend's moods.

Up or down,happy or sad.

Why do people want to be popular?

They should be happy where they are,

sure of there rock solid friendships,

not the paper fans that are ,the popular ones, pretty but not dependable

I do admit I feel sorry


For them.


-Emma Baker



I can hear it.

Just down the hall-

A noise.




A broken heart crying out for help.


I start to get worried.

Who is crying?

Why are they crying?

What is happening'?

Why aren't my questions being answered?


I listen,

I hear a word,

One little word;

A name.

Four names.


They did it.

The bullies.


A part of my heart stops

and slowly starts up again,

like a train running out of



I look in the roorn-

a wet face,

a drippy nose,

a broken heart.



I'm not sure.



I'm not sure.






The bullies,

The ones who caused the

broken heart.

-Sukanya Dayal


"Our Day"

Forgive those who've hurt us, forget what they've said.

You can't blame someone for the thoughts in their head.

Our opinions were instilled by how we were raised,

Though our elders' discrimination was mistaken and dazed.

It's our duty now to see through this stumbling block;

Open our minds and never engage in such talk.

I'll be the first to stand up and be strong

Because I certainly believe we can all get along.

I'll love what's inside and disregard the out.

See the beauty in all people and never have doubt!

Let's show our ancestors the real meaning of love,

Who we are, what we can be and what our hearts are made of.

Forget skin color, sexuality, ethnicity and race.

We're all the same creation, made in the image of God's grace.

Together we all have the same goal in life,

To make it to heaven without very much strife.

Therefore, love your neighbor as yourself and never think more.

Our generation will make the world better than before.

Today's the day, so save the date.

From this moment on, I'm erasing the hate.

By Lindsay Leasor


Almost There


We’re on the edge of being fair and centered

We’re one step away

Almost there

Done with the rallies

From German Nazi death tallies

Almost there

Clichés tell me that counts in hand grenades

We’re close, done with right parades

Almost there

They tell me we’ve done much in a century

But here’s my contemplation

Almost there, eighty percent of the way

Why not a unified nation?

L.A. Riots over, hearts stopped racin

Almost there

Progress stopped like a bus long ago

With a little lady on it

Almost there.

But I don’t care

I declare

Black president, equal op. residence,

We’ve filed all the precedents

Present needs to match past progression

No more recession

Almost there


Daniel Lopez


The Looking Glass of Our Future


The cruel hand of fury lashes out

Striking their misunderstood Brother

A scar that never Fades

He cries out in pain but there is no sound

He is Voiceless

Fury knows no equal

Pure hate masks the confusion, sorrow, fear in our Hearts

That we will be forever left in the Dark

Slavery, Holocaust, War, Hate Crimes manifest themselves

As the ignorant bullies in school

From the pain and sacrifice of our Unheard past

Gathered a driving Force of anger and desperation

Calling out for Change and Salvation for their next generation

What we lost during our own trail of tears we can claim as Ours

A Mark of pride and memoriam for what we braved

A seed of Hope is planted in the soil of violence

And Dreams deferred

A driving Force of Celebration and Strength

Pushes a sproutlet into the Wonder of Clear Sunlight

An incandescent Flower of celebration

The Unbreakable Stem anchors the Flower to the Soils of our past

Our Hearts are the Path that can Us

To see through the Eyes of Humanity.


Sarina Mathis

You and me

By Diamond Stewart

It's one o'clock, three o'clock

Mom is not home

Dad drunk on the couch and in the zone

I'm fourteen years old isn't no where near grown

Walking the streets of Junction

Trying to bring gorsier home

The cops

Man in the backseat shot a boy not even half-way grown

Little boys age of ten smoking, drinking,

Going down wrong

Little girl age of ten

Pregnant by a 30-year-old man

Man has a wife and kids at home

He can't pay the bills

The dark streets of Junction and Vance

Staying 'til the end of the world Me and some other girls

We march the streets happy and proud

Erasing the hate from the crowd

Replacing the pain with love

It's time for a change

Be happy for free, live life for free

Take it without the price

Only thing you have to pay s attention and give respect

Care and love people and let them know

Time to erase the hate

But first lets start with me and you