Erase the Hate / MultiFaith Council Youth Contest Prizes 2010

Presented at the Fifth Annual Youth Family Event

High School Poetry

Madeline Kaplan, Erica Lee, Jenny Miller, Hannah Bruckner, Timothy Pope


First Place Poetry, High School Division was Madeline Kaplan, Grade 9, A Fork in the Road

Notre Dame Academy

A Fork in the Road

As I walked down a trail on a rainy fall day,

a fork came up quickly; it stood in my way.

To the right: nice and easy, no adversity there.

I'd ignore all my problems and act without care.

On the left was another, more difficult road

where I'd have to handle a challenging load.

At my right were the times when I'd simply conceded

that no good would come, even where I was needed.

When I'd turned a blind eye to the girl in my class

who the other kids loved to tease and harass.

When I let people say things ignorant to those

with different beliefs, colors, and clothes.

Left was the way that I'd gone too few times,

and I'd only stuck up for those 'others' sometimes.

A comment, a joke, or a laugh here and there

and I'd sit there, pretending to not be aware.

But I knew on my left were so many things:

acting for others and all that it brings.

Would I go for kindness, and possibly shame?

I turned myself left; I hope you do the same.


Second Place High School Division, Erica Lee, Grade 9, Iím Not Who You Think I Am,

Toledo Early College High School

Iím Not Who You Think I Am

I'm the Muslim that is not ashamed,

To still proudly wear my headdress out to eat,

Even if I have the fear of getting beat,

Why can't you see me for the pacifist I am?

I'm not the terrorist you think I am,

I'm the Jewish orphan in a racist town,

Who's constantly in search of a new place to hide,

It seems like someone's always after my hide,

Why can't you see me for the innocent child I am?

I'm not the villain you think I am,

I'm the victim of rape,

That suffers in suffocating silence,

As I try to keep my child away from your violence,

Why can't you see me for the wounded soul I am?

I'm not the prostitute you think I am,

I'm the homosexual that's on the bus,

Who's hoping I can make the day,

Without being labeled "a lecherous gay,"

Why can't you see me for the person I am?

I'm not the abomination you think I am,

I'm the spirit of those who are "different,"

If you take the time to get to know me,

Maybe then you'll see,

I'm not who you think I am.

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Middle School Poetry

Sarah Boyk, Cecily White, Jalen Daoust, John Sullivan Shousher, Fareid El Gafy


First Place Middle School Poetry was Jalen Daoust, Grade 6, The Hobo in a Box

Maumee Valley Country Day School.

The Hobo in a Box


of food


of clothes


of love


I ate

like a king last night

the person out side

ate nothing last night

I threw the leftovers

in the trash


I bet a thousand dollars

the hobo would have liked

to eat that food


I have so many clothes,

I could not do one

load of laundry for a month

and still have clean clothes


I still think

that same hobo

would love

some nice warm clothes


I have a huge

loving family

I also have a nice

cozy house

that hobo in the box

would love a loving family

or a house

not a beaten up

cardboard box


There is enough




to give to that hobo

in a box

we just have to spread it

all around


So don't look in disgust

when you see that hobo

in a box

give and love



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Posters ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† More Posters

First Place Elementary School Division, Reagan Shull, Grade 5, A Rainbow Is Made With all Colors,

Crissey Elementary School

First Place Middle School Division, Nicole Butson, Grade 7, One World

Notre Dame Junior Academy


First Place High School Division, Tamera Williams-Vance, Grade 11, Alone

Rogers High School


Video Contest

Cody Pomeroy, Katie Beavers, Adam Moreau, Jack Avendt


Video First Place Middle School, Cody Pomeroy and Matthew Hosler, Grade 7, You Can Make a Difference First Christian Church Youth Group

Watch Video


Video First Place High School, Jack Avendt Grade 12, Chris Keener Grade 12, Adam Moreau Grade 10, Rumors, Ottawa Hills High School [about the pain of cyber-bullying]

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Video Second Place High School, Katie Beavers, Katie Dull, Dana Schoek, Spread the Love

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Jenny Miller, Third Place, Grade 9, Changing the Way the World Spins, Notre Dame Academy


Changing the Way the World Spins


Every day the world keeps turning,
A cycle of indifference ever churning.

While this ignorance turns the world,
Overlooked opportunities are yet to be unfurled.

Every day the world offers us a chance
To seize our opportunity and take a stance.

It is the small acts of daily life
Which cure the world of its strife.

Whether greeting a forlorn face
Or speaking against discriminating a race.

No level of superiority does either profess
For a worldly problem both address.

So let the evils of indifference be conquered today
By stepping out and leading those who went astray.

Start the chain of love and set it free,
Become the hero you dreamed youíd be.

Small acts of defying indifference
Make the biggest difference.

Hannah Bruckner, Honorable Mention, Grade 9, The Murmur, Notre Dame Academy


The Murmur

Hate is building a new city with cold stone walls.
It is barricading its residents from love, beauty, and happiness.

These residents are living their lives, longing for a peace that they can't have.
But there's a growing murmur radiating in the city...
"Revolt, Revolt.

Crush the walls and let the sun in!"
This murmur speaks of peace and a new beginning.
It will keep building

And building

Until the whole city screams...
"Revolt! Revolt!

Tear down these walls of hate!"
The murmur is no longer a whisper, but burning actions.

The residents are running and shouting
And ridding themselves of this negativity.
They burst through the cold stone walls
And abandon this cold city.
Cold, Cold, Cold ... then ... Warmth.
At last, these residents run free,
Soaking in happiness like light from the sun.
The murmur.

The murmur gave them hope.
It made them flee from the hate.
How hard can it be for one person to start the murmur...?


Timothy Pope, Honorable Mention, Grade 10, The Greenhouse Effect, Toledo Early College High School


The Greenhouse Effect


Me the sun watching your poor little greenhouse

Rejecting light in which I freely give

Refusing water from ocean

Denying rich soil from mother earth

All because of hate towards the others

But I ask you if not for yourself then for your helpless plants

Open yourself to the world and let your plants breathe fresh air

Let them join with the natives and learn as one

Let them drink from the waters of the earth

And eat from the grains of life to grow and prosper

Taken by my advice watch your brown plants turn green

Watch them grow into trees and then forest

But now you must also change and accept all these for yourself

For you will have to grow too if you want to house your trees

And if you refuse you will lose all you love

And if you deny your plants will out-grow you and leave

Remember you do have the choice to make your own decision

But you must have the faith to face the consequence for all of your actions

Then you feel you must ponder between love and loss

And you find yourself lost from the decision

As if you blacked out and awoke many hours later

Then you realized your all alone

Your greenhouse is empty and useless

Then you realize that you made a mistake and its too late

To Erase the Hate


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Sarah Boyk, Second Place, Grade 6, You are the future, Maumee Valley Country Day School Video on theme of poem

You are the future


I promise you that it is hard to wash away the hate in this world

Especially with millions of gallons of hate

It can't change itself

But I know you can

You are the future


You have small hands

That can recycle


A loud powerful voice

That can speak to the world


Feet that can travel miles and miles

To tell the world the truth

About what this generation needs to bring the earth


A brilliant mind

That can persuade anyone to do anything

And that's why I know

That you are the person who will change this world

You will sacrifice your life for this world


You've got ideas for the future

And you are willing to forget the past

You are the future


Grace OíLeary, Third Place, Grade 6, The Wind, Maumee Valley Country Day School

The Wind

First a breeze

Then a blow


The wind comes

Blowing through the trees


Looking for conflict


And turmoil

Then there is


Enemies become


And friends become

Best friends

For that split second

With the wind

They are one


The wonderful wind

The peaceful wind

The guardian of love

After a long day

Of work

He settles down

For a nights rest

To wake up in the morning

Full of energy

And end



And turmoil

To bring peace

To the earth

Once again


Cecily White, Honorable Mention, Grade 6, Characters, Maumee Valley Country Day School




She is black

He is half-Mexican

They are an adoptive family

He is Jewish

She is white

They are Christian

He is 5'8

She doesn't own socks

We're same on the inside

But different on the out

Take away the different colors

And the hate will go away

Think of your future

And Remember your past

Do good for others

And make life last


John Sullivan Shousher, Honorable Mention, Grade 6, Fulfill The Dreams, Maumee Valley Country Day School


Fulfill The Dreams


Human societies


For millenniums

Enslaved each other selfishly for

Their own benefit.

Is there some law that

Says that

White people are better than Blacks

Or that Christians are better than Jews?

I believe that all men (and women) are created


And that this generation

Will be the one to fulfill the dreams


Martin Luther King jr.


And all the others.


Fareid El Gafy, Honorable Mention, Grade 6, Baby, Maumee Valley Country Day School




He sits there.

The baby.

A certain gleam, Set into his eyes.

As if his soul, So pure,

Could be seen,

In his eyes.

His soul,

Is pure.

His mind,

Is pure.

But soon,

It will be corrupted,

By the world, The ideas,

His fellow humans,

Have created.